1. Administrative Officer

    The Administrative Officer is responsible for serving as Director of Public Safety, Director of Public Service and the Director of Personnel.

  2. Community Development

    The Department of Planning and Community Development looks to the future by providing a solid framework for development, allowing the City of Norton to grow in an orderly, well thought-out fashion, while promoting economic and community progress and protecting environmental quality.

  3. Finance Department

    The Finance office is responsible for paying all the costs relative to operating the municipality, including long-term debt.

  4. Fire Department

    The Fire department works to keep you, your family, and the community safe. Learn more about the firefighters and paramedics.

  5. Municipal Engineer

    Find information on residential subdivisions, site plans, city initiated improvements, and ordinances.

  6. Parks and Recreation

    Read more about the city parks and how to reserve a facility.

  7. Police Department

    The Police department works to keep the community of Norton safe. Learn more about emergency calls, tickets, and more helpful information.

  8. Public Service Department

    The Department of Public Service is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Cities streets, storm sewers, drain systems, municipal buildings, parks and cemeteries.

  9. Zoning Office

    The Zoning Office exists to enforce, implement and apply the duly established Zoning codes of the City of Norton.