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Application for Type B Home Occupation

  1. Board of Zoning and Building Appeals

  2. Attach scaled site plan with key measurements.

  3. 9. No equipment, process, materials, or chemicals shall be used which create offensive noise, vibrations, smoke, odor, heat, glare, x-rays, radiation or electrical disturbances. There will be non of these:

  4. A. Names and mailing addresses of contiguous property owners and those directly across the street; (office supplies)

  5. B. Sixteen (16) copies of application and site plan drawing

  6. C. Drawing depicting proposed improvements to site, (accessory structures) etc.

  7. D. Copy of deed or legal description of the property

  8. Please note, applicant shall submit one original application packet and 16 copies for processing along with the appropriate application fee.

    cc: Administrative Office
    Director of Finance
    Fire Department
    Police Department

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