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   In compliance with City of Norton Charter Section 3.20 "... to arrange for and commence public airings of all Council meetings, work sessions, and workshops. All aforementioned Council meetings shall be televised "live", in their entirety, without censorship and/or editing. Such televised broadcasts shall further be offered twice weekly during repeat airings for public accessibility.  Additionally, Council shall arrange for copies of the recorded Council meetings to be available at minimum cost to the public upon request or at no cost to citizens supplying their own suitable medium for recording. (Amended November 6, 2012)"


The following information provides instructions on how to access City of Norton City Council meetings:

DURING A MEETING it can be accessed LIVE by going here:  Live Video Stream  

To view the recorded meeting at anytime during its posting GO HERE


click on the word "video" under the appropriate meeting date. 

NOTE:  recorded meetings will NOT be posted on this website on the same night of the meeting.

For those not able to access home internet,
televised re-broadcasts shall be offered twice weekly

in Norton City Council Chambers at

4060 Columbia Woods Drive

on the following days:

Wednesdays at 2:00pm
Fridays at 10:00am