Boards & Commissions

There are various Boards and Commissions groups, each having different functions in assisting with advisory duties associated to the Administration of the City of Norton. Members of each Board are required to be Norton residents, and are chosen by the Mayor and appointed upon receiving approval from Council.

Apply to Serve

Interested Norton Citizens are encouraged to submit a Desire to Serve letter with listed qualifications to the Administration Office.  This information will be held on file for such times that a Board position becomes open.

The descriptions of duties are excerpted from the City of Norton Charter, Article VI.


Questions regarding any of the following Boards and Commissions may be directed to:

Boards and Commissions Secretary

Kristen Brett

330-825-7815, ext. 314

Charter Section 6.01

The Mayor establishes the date, time and place for the first meeting of each year for all boards and commissions. At that meeting the board or commission shall organize under a Chairperson and Vice‑Chairperson elected from among the elector members for a period of one year.

The board or commission may appoint a secretary, who need not be a member. They establish their own rules or procedures.  Meetings must be held at least once a month and are open to the public. Additionally, they keep a record of resolutions, findings and determinations, which is open to the public at all reasonable times.

Removal – Charter Section 6.07

Members of the Boards and Commissions may be removed by the Mayor and approved by a majority of Council in accordance with the provisions of subsections (a) through (f) in Section 9.04 of the Charter.