Board of Control


  • Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

Agendas & Minutes

Paper copies of minutes and full meeting packages are available to be viewed, or may be purchased for a fee, by making a Public Records Request at the Administration Counter during normal duty hours.


  • Administrative Office
  • Director of Finance
  • The Mayor
  • President of Council
  • Vice President of Council


The majority approval of the Board of Control allows the Director of the appropriate department to enter into contract or to make the purchase. The Board of Control also directs the Director of Finance on the investments of the City. Each member has a vote, and the Mayor is the presiding officer. The members of this Board serve without additional compensation.

Charter Section 5.03

A.             Composition and Duties
The Mayor, President of Council, Vice-President of Council, Director of Finance and  Administrative Officer shall constitute the Board of Control of the Municipality. Each member shall have a vote. The Mayor shall be the presiding officer.
B.             Approval of Contracts
"No contract involving an expenditure in excess of fifteen thousand dollars shall be awarded without the approval of the Board of Control and the approval of not less than two thirds of the elected and appointed members of Council.  (Amended November 6, 2012)"
C.             Investments
The Board of Control shall direct the Director of Finance on the institution of the investments of the City.