Zoning Office

The Zoning Office exists to enforce, implement and apply the duly established Zoning codes of the City of Norton.

Building Department Announcment

As of May 1, 2015, the City of Norton and Barberton are pleased to announce they have combined their Building Departments. The Cities are proud of their collaboration of working together in order to better serve the people and the businesses in our area.

For building questions please call the Barberton Building Department at 330-848-6730.

The Zoning Office will stay with the City of Norton. Zoning questions may be answered by calling 330-825-7815, extension 335.


All residential, commercial and industrial construction activity (whether new, addition to, or alteration of) must be presented to the Zoning Office for their review, collection of applicable fees and issuance of appropriate zoning permits.  

Zoning Applications

City of Norton Zoning Applications are available online, at City Hall or you may contact 330-825-7815, extension 310.

Zoning Documents

Zoning Map (PDF)

Zoning Map Picture