Municipal Engineer

The Department of Municipal Engineer for the City of Norton, Ohio, is responsible for the following:
  • Residential Subdivisions
    Review and approval of preliminary and final plats, construction plans, individual building topography plans, and construction observation of proposed improvements.
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Site Plans
    Review and approve preliminary site plans, final site plans, and storm water management plans.
  • City Initiated Improvements, Such as Storm Sewers, Channels, Stormwater Detention Systems, Water Lines, Sanitary Sewers, Streets, Etc.
    Planning and programming projects, preparation of scopes for design consultant selection, consultant selection, design review and approval, bidding, and construction observation.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding drainage, grading, and stormwater detention issues within the City. This includes preliminary storm sewer and drive culvert pipe sizing.
  • Prepare and update City ordinances pertaining to construction standards.
  • Coordinate NPDES Phase 2 environmental compliance


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Pet Waste

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